Global Solar Finance & Investment: Emerging PV Markets

A Enercoutim vai participar no evento e vai oferecer 10% de desconto aos seus membros.


Has the low-hanging solar fruit gone? Where will the biggest primary markets be in 2017 and 2018? This event will connect developers and financiers to find out how to work in new emerging PV markets.

Key topics for debate:

• Identifying and evaluating political risk by region
• See which governments or states are adopting the right frameworks
• Discover which markets are overheated and which are still hot
• What are the common traits of successful projects?
• What capital is being invested into these markets and which regions is it coming from?
• How to find new partners in new countries
• Cost of capital review – what are financiers building into their models and how does this change by country?
• How is the value proposition from the investment community changing?
• Policy round-up – where are the strongest frameworks for solar PV and where might your political risk increase?
• Energy pricing update – how high are prices currently and what can each market absorb?
• Fundraising case studies – how did companies demonstrate long term value?

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