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Do you need to Test and Demonstrate your technology in optimal conditions?
Do you need to accelerate and pilot your technology?
Do you need to reach out to the MED and Africa markets with your products and services?
Do you want to integrate into H2020 Demo sites and plug into cutting edge platforms?


SolarLab outdoor testing & demonstration platform is supported by a 200 sqm NZEB where data loggers, IT server and other enabling tools are installed.

To measure enviromental parameters, SolarLab is equipped with a Kipp & Zonen complete weather station with Pyranometer, Pyrheliometer, Pyrgeometer, wind speed and direction sensors, rain gauge, temperature, humidity and baro transmitter.

SolarLab is also a demo site for Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation projects (E.g. VICINITY and SHAR-Q) making part of a regional Energy and Energy Efficiency ecosystem where prototype equipment and new business models are tested and demonstrated.

The  Solar Lab facility is a research platform which is not only a laboratorial facility for energy systems’ monitoring and controls testing but also designed as a Near Zero Energy Building to incorporate new technologies and the related methods. Training sessions are being planned  in this renewable energy supplied and energy efficiency optimised facility within this year.

The Solar Lab is equipped with high-quality equipment to measure direct sunlight, diffused and UV, temperature sensors, humidity, wind, atmospheric pressure, precipitation and other specialised equipment. This facility will also serve to demonstrate and test solar systems and equipment’s in real situations, given favourable conditions of solar radiation that exists in this location, serving as an asset to companies.

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