Algarve Europe Day

On May 2nd Enercoutim hosted an event co-organised with CCDR Algarve as part of the EU Open Project Days 2016 events being held across Europe this month. Around eighty secondary school students from four regional schools participated in Solar Energy Technology presentations, short workshops and a treasure hunt. The winning team – secondary school from Martim Longo – won the treasure hunt challenge and took the main prize. The successful event was proposed to become a tradition for the region and be held annually. The Solar Lab facility aims at introducing young generations to renewable energy opportunities and support research and innovation initiatives.
"A great day of fun and learning for the energetic kids of our region! Great to see so much enthusiasm and awareness in our kids for the distributed energy paradigm!"
Marc Rechter
“Another great Sunny Day in Martim Longo, promoting among young people the culture of the use of solar energy in a fun and educational way to a better and more sustainable energy that Portugal can use!“
João Oliveira