Pearls Follows Its Path

Enercoutim participated in the PEARLS project midterm meeting that took place last 18th October, at Malaga’s Business Association. The H2020 MSCA-RISE sets out the obligatory nature of undertaking a midterm meeting to assess the progresses made on the different tasks to be developed during the project. Unlike the previous ones, the target of this meeting was to analyse the achievement of the standards of excellence established by the program, as well as to check the implementation of the Project and to evaluate the impact reached by its results.

To this effect, the meeting counted with the presence of the representative of the Advisory Board Ms. Alessandra Scognamiglio and Ms. Aleksandra Schoetz-Sobzcak, Project Officer of the Research European Agency. Her main mission was to take the pulse of the Project, auditing all the Work Packages tasks and the involvement of all parties on their development. For that, the meeting counted with a representative of every academic and non-academic institution involved. 

All participants alongside Ms. Aleksandra and the President of the Andalusian Entrepreneurs Association. 

This plural institutional coverage alongside the diversity of thematic and territorial approaches suppose an enrichment for knowledge transfer, while at the same time an asset for the development of results and products applicable beyond the academic field. Moreover, the timing of this session was crucial since, with almost three years remaining to complete the Project, a ponderation of the different tasks to be tackled was needed. Overall, the perceptions were quite positive by both the European Commission and the Consortium, which undoubtedly stimulates us to continue analysing the Renewable Energy Landscapes (REL) as both; key pillars and icons of the Ecological Transition towards a sustainable energy model in terms of environment, social and economic aspects.