Open Marketplaces To Spur Innovative Energy Services

Digital technologies have proven instrumental in enabling innovations across all sectors of the economy. As emphasised by the alliance AIOTI ( the combination of open Internet of Things and Blockchains with new data-driven business models will create opportunities for data marketplaces.

In the energy sector, digitisation is helping keep the transmission grid stable by balancing reserves from intermittent sources like wind and solar. At the micro level, connecting objects through the Internet of Things (IoT) makes every electric device a contributor to the energy system by bundling distributed energy resources into larger ecosystems. New technologies like distributed ledger technology (DLT) or blockchains will enable new possibilities for storing and sharing data. It will allow for trading flexibility at the edge and spur the emergence of open marketplaces that open up the data silos across energy, home, comfort, security and related domains, that currently keep data limited to the control of a few entities and prevent proliferation of community-centered services (P2P) and seamless transactions using blockchains and alike.

The European Commission DG CONNECT and DG ENER organise this dedicated workshop jointly with the alliance AIOTI. The workshop will tackle opportunities through smart energy services based on IoT for connected appliances, smart mobility, P2P energy trading and smart utilities. It will discuss in particular the role of blockchains as an enabler for data marketplaces and energy trading.

This event expands from an European Commission seminar in March 2018 on IoT and Blockchain technologies for home and energy services’ and puts blockchain technologies into a broader application context related to the energy domain. It is part of a series of IoT events related to data marketplaces. The workshop will take place on 22 October in Brussels.

Draft agenda could be found here and you can register here.